OpenNode2 (ON2) is the free, tried-and-true choice for your next generation Exchange Network Node. It is used at over 30 agencies of all sizes and is the trusted choice for automating data exchange either state-to-state or with the EPA’s Central Data Exchange (CDX). OpenNode2 comes pre-packaged with a variety of plugins for the commons data flows. It is available for deployment in either a .Net or Java environment.

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Download Documentation

We have put together an impressive amout of documentation for both versions of OpenNode2 as well as implementation guides for all of the available plugins. This is the first place to start if you’re setting up a new installation, implementing a new plugin or updating an existing flow.

Who Maintains this Project?

OpenNode2 is maintained by Windsor Solutions on behalf of the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS). This is an open source project and is licensed under a BSD License (3 clause).

For questions or support, contact us at OpenNode2: